Make your body a Winter Wonderland

Sun Med Community Wellness Winter Wonderland Body - Man in Full Winter Suit Red

Well it’s another shockingly cold winters day in South East Queensland with a balmy minimum of 16 and a max of 23. Sun all day with light showers.

It doesn’t seem fare, does it, my Southern readers, screaming at your screen, IT WAS ONLY ONE DEGREE WHEN I WOKE UP THIS MORNING…

Sucked in, move to Queensland <3

No matter where you live, it’s still winter and Queenslanders are getting around in their hoodies.

We adapt to our environments that we live in and we feel the change in temperature no matter where we live.

It’s really important in Winter to look after our bodies.

In Chinese Medicine Winter is the time Of maximum Yin and with the Winter Solstice this Sunday the 21st, it’s full Yin time.

Sun Med Community Wellness Winter Wonderland Body - Maximum Yin and Yang Winter Solstice
Kun – Trigram – Full Yin

So what does that even mean?

Great Question, I’m glad you asked.

It means you have work to do.


  1. drinking cold drinks. Smoothies and juices aren’t great. They will deplete your spleen yang which means your body will get colder. and in the long term you’ll get fat.
  2. eating Salads and other cold foods. re read 1.
  3. walking around in barefoot on cold tiles. this will deplete your kidney yang. this in turn depletes spleen yang. re read line 1.
  4. wearing clothes that expose your bare skin to wind and cold. This depletes your Yang Qi, or your immune system.
  5. cold showers and cold therapy – UNLESS, you are doing the appropriate breathwork prior to exposing yourself to the cold.


  1. Drink warm water. Drink Tea. Buy yourself a thermos. 50/50 Hot Water Room Temperature. It will keep your water at great temperature all day, will keep hydrated and warm.
    (Sun Med has some awesome 1L Cheeki Thermos available)
  2. Eat stews, curries, soups and porridges. Add cinnamon, ginger, cardamon and other delicious warming spices.
  3. Foot Soaks. These are the best ever. at the end of this i’ll leave in depth description of how to do foot soaks.
    (Tibetan Foot Soaks Coming Soon to Sun Med)
  4. Rug up and keep warm. long pants, scarves, ugg boots, socks, jacket, do it. Appropriate to where you are on the planet of course.
  5. Saunas. Moxibustion and Heat Therapy.
    Be aware you can over do saunas. Keep the sweats to a minimum and make sure you keep hydrated both pre and post sauna.
    Moxibustion to build your Yang Qi. Apply it to St 36 daily.
    Heat Therapy, if the Sun comes out in Winter go soak it up! Heat lamps are also great for keeping the body toasty warm.

    Get your own Personal Sauna here
    Use the referral code sunmed to receive a discount.

    And as always keep moving. IT’s important in Winter to keep the body moving with light exercise like Qi Gong and walking. Take your time no need to over do it.
Sun Med Community Wellness Winter Wonderland Body - Man in Full Winter Suit Red

Winter SOLstice PRactice

Winter Solstice is the day of the year that has the least amount of sun light. In esoteric terms it represents the birth of the Sun. In Chinese Medicine terms this is the time Full Yin or the time to nurture baby Yang for its birth in Spring. This means it is a great time to rest and go within and cultivate our energy for the year to come. The following are some tips from Qi Gong Master and Classical Chinese Medicine Doctor, Dr. Bisong Guo.

  •  Sleep or meditate with an empty mind for the whole duration of the winter solstice
  • The aim is to shut down all of the 5 senses and enter an empty state
  • Remain indoors and don’t follow any ‘routine’ practices as you normally would
  • Refrain from eating (unless absolutely necessary)
  • No showers or baths (but brush your teeth if you’ve eaten anything)
  • Be in natural temperatures (no heating) but keep the body warm
  • No excitement or stimulus (No tv, music, reading, project work, other work)
  • No artificial lighting (If light is needed use candles)
  • No physical activity
  • No mental activities (because it brings the Qi up to the top of the head… whereas it needs to be at the bottom)
  • No sweating
  • No talking or connection/communication with others
Sun Med Community Wellness Winter Wonderland Body - Resting and Relaxation Regeneration Winter Solstice

There you go, you just got permission to stay in bed for the whole day on Sunday the 21st June. Enjoy your sleep. The Winter Solstice is the introverts dream!

Foot Soak Notes


Epsom salts
Essential Oils: Ginger, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Francincense, Myrrh, Eucalyptus, Lavender
(Can all be substituted for the actually herbs) don’t have to use all, pick 3 or use them all. 
Most are Warming and blood circulating, there are properties such as anti fungal etc. 
Towels x 2

Place towel on floor and bucket on towel 
Boil water, use enough to cover up to about an 3 finger widths past ankle bone
Note on temperature control: DO NOT just use boiling water. Usually 50/50 boiling/room temperature does the trick.
Take time to adjust temperature as needed,
Add two generous hand fulls of Epsom salts
Add oils
Place towel over knees and covering bucket to capture and steam the legs.
Soak for 20 mins 

Bonus Points: throw a golf ball in the water and rub into any sore points on soles of the feet.

Sun Med Community Wellness Winter Wonderland Body - Foot Bath Foot Soaking with Lukewarm Water

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