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The Healing Process


HEAL – cause (a wound, injury, or person) to become sound (in good condition) or healthy again

What does it mean to heal? 

It takes time to heal. How many times have you heard that? 

Whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally, the cliche is, that it takes time to heal. 

It also takes action. Nothing happens without cause, without some sort of movement. 

There’s a saying in Chinese Medicine, “The only difference between life and death is movement”.

Action over time equals healing. It’s a simple equation. Yet it can be very difficult.

Life gets in the way, things change, the pain fluctuates. Financial issues. 

Is it really working? Am I ever going to get better? 

Healing is like saving money. 

If you put away $100 a week for 10 weeks you have $1000. You decide your goals is to save $100 a week for 30 years. 

It doesn’t seem like much but at a year that’s $5,200. Now lets say that after that year you decide to take that and put it into something that will give you compound interest returns of 10%. In 30 years that $100 a week is now worth $946,106. Now lets look at that in terms of your body. 

You have a shoulder injury. You spend 1 year doing shoulder 2 mins circles per day to get movement back into your shoulders. After 1 year you able to fully move your shoulders again. At 1 year you decide to take up Qi Gong and learn how to do such exercise with the rest of your body. For the next 30 years you spend 2 mins a day on each major joint in  the body. Roughly 30 mins making circles with your joints for a day. Do you think this would be beneficial to your healing?

Unfortunately in today’s culture we’ve been conditioned for quick fixes and silver bullets. We want a linear process of I do A, I get B. Pay on credit card and have it delivered to your door tomorrow. 

Healing is a non-linear process. It goes up, down, in and out. You can put in the same action day in and day out and get no reward for years. However, like the Stockmarket, if you leave it in there (do the little things everyday)in the long term you come out the winner. 

Healing is a marathon, not a sprint. 

It’s a life long marathon, that requires a little bit of action everyday. 

10 mins of a movement practice

Taking herbs and supplements as needed

Eating the right foods

Limiting destructive activity (don’t take all the fun out life though)

Do things you Love

Sleep well

Get treatments

If we do these fundamental things daily healing becomes an investment. Not a result. 

To be healthy and well has no end goal. 

Because when we stop moving towards, we cease action, and ceasing action stops moving, stoping movement stops life. 

Keep moving. Daily. 

The marathon continues past the finish line.

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