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Way of Wellness


Time to stop focusing on the problem and get onto the solution. 
The Way of Wellness mentorship is exactly that.


A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor. 

Our specialty is Eastern Medicine. 

Our experience lies in mental health and addiction

That’s where we come from. 

We were lost, unguided and alone. 

We had no idea who we were and what we were meant to do with our lives.

Now we thrive in our Purpose and thrive in our True Nature! 



We aren’t like anywhere else you’ve been. 

We are backed by a lineage of medicine as old as the written word. 

Nothing you’re experiencing hasn’t been experienced by someone else in a time past.

Sure, maybe the triggers are different, but the body hasn’t changed. 

Long gone are the saber tooth tigers and the dragons of yonder years. 

But deep are the stressors of the modern day myths. 

The deadlines, the debts, the doubts. 

Stress & Burnout is endemic.

Mental Health issues pandemic. 

Addiction the modern affliction. 

Soulless, Lost, Afraid

Who am I?

The Way has long been trodden before.

and here we are again, the path less trodden.

The middle way,

The Way to who you really are.  


The WoW Mentorship is set up for long term success with seasonal retreats to reset through embodying the 5 foundations of Wellness, with a big focus on integration post retreat through ongoing mentoring, herbal and supplementation support and treatments so you can truly integrate the way of wellness into your daily life. 

Please note the ongoing mentoring between retreats will be tailored depending if you are local to the Sunshine Coast or interstate.

The Way of Wellness Mentorship is a fundamental Philosophy based on Eastern Medicine.

It is solution and lifestyle based

We do not delve into Trauma

We do not delve into Shame

We don’t delve into Right or Wrong

What we do is show you what you’ve gotten right. 

We teach you how to get what you’ve been chasing.

We show you how to integrate your pain. 

This is an experience. 

This is the Way of Wellness. 


The WoW Reset runs every season. That’s roughly every 3 months. 

At the resets we delve deeply into the 5 foundations touching on the areas fuel, movement, community, lifestyle and heart mind medicine.
The 5 night reset retreat includes;

Special Guests

Experiential learning





All meals 

Herbs & supplements 

And more…

These resets provide the guided space to learn and embody the tools and practices you need to change your life and live your purpose. 

Integrating it into your daily life is the challenge, which is why our mentorship is different and we are there supporting you weekly so you can make lasting positive change.

2023 Dates

Winter – June 6 – 11

Spring – TBA

Summer – TBA 

2024 Dates 

Autumn – TBA

Winter – TBA

Spring – TBA

Summer – TBA


Your main facilitator’s are the power couple, Shane and Angela, who have a diverse range of life experiences and skills that enables them to be your guides on this epic journey of transformation.

Shane Gregory

Shane has been given many names in his role as acupuncturist over the years; the wizard, healer, magic man, but whatever the fun title, his colourful life experience and practical skills as acupuncturist and herbal medicine practitioner make him a caring and capable human to help others in need.

His personal history and huge struggles with mental health and drug addiction led him to finding a path of health and healing for himself and others. Along the way he has studied and implemented personal training, remedial massage, acupuncture, qi gong, tai ji (tai chi), neurolink and herbal medicine just to name a few.

He is most passionate about and excels at providing practical advice, personalised treatments and great results, for stress, anxiety, addiction, pain, gut health, but his true love lies in helping people to live the life they have always wanted.

Shane created the Way of Wellness Mentorship, because he felt there was not enough being done to share the old ways of integrated medicine. The medicine of the east is the only medicine where it truly takes into account all aspects of life from your body-mind interaction, lifestyle to the environment that you live in; acupuncture, herbal medicine, exercise, lifestyle, environment are all factored into every single session.

When Shane is not helping people in the clinic, he loves being in nature, training, studying anything and everything about Chinese medicine, health and wellbeing, and going on adventures with his wife Angela.

Shane truly is a doctor, a teacher and a mentor and gets immense joy from helping others like you reach their full potential and creating lasting change with their health goals.

See a podcast below with Shane discussing Addiction and Mental Health.

Angela Jade

Angela has walked many paths and wears many hats; Admin Ninja, Chief Operations Officer, mother, WoW Mentor, Registered Celebrant, Counselor and Psychotherapist in training, and general all round Boss Lady. 

Her past work lives include high level executive assistant for Ambassadors, Event Coordinator in a function centre, volunteering at and running festivals, qualified childcare assistant and manager, as well as being a fully fledged vagabond at times. 

With an equally colourful herstory, Angela was a teenage runaway and experiencing many self induced and sometimes painful rites of passage including drug addiction,  this resulted in her learning new ways of living and being in the world including loving the gifts of eastern medicine. Angela’s passion lies in ritual, ceremony and rites of passage which she lovingly weaves into her life and the WoW mentorship.

This woman is an all round superstar and is genuinely passionate about serving others and seeing people like you achieve greater health and happiness. 

Who is this for?

This is for the square pegs in the round hole, the black sheep, the rainbow sheep

those who know there’s more to life than paying rent on Tuesday. 

People who have been through rehabs before and still find themselves relapsing

People who have done years of psychological theory and counselling and still can’t seem to address their issues

Stuck in stress and burnout!

For those who are ready to make the life changes and have what it takes to get it done

This is for the doers

For the people who had an insight on drugs where they were realised that’s what life’s about

Thats what we can help with. We can get you back there.

The seekers, the dreamers, the game changers, the warriors, the leaders, those who are crazy enough to try and change the world.

For those who are seeking purpose

For those who want to take responsibility for their lives. 

Who is this not for?

It’s easier to know who you are not, than who you are. 

We understand this. 

So here’s a list of knowing who we can’t help! 


The Gonnas… Gonna do this, gonna do that, you ain’t gonna do anything.

The numb-ers, the pain relievers, the trauma focused, we’ve all got trauma, it’s not the focus of our program.

People who don’t want to do the work, this is not an easy solution.

Parents of children who don’t think they have a problem. 

If your kids don’t think they have a problem, do not waste your time with us. We can’t help them.

It’s only when people realise they have a problem, and even when they have made there mind up that they want to change that we can help them.

People wanting to fix their significant other. It’s sad to see your partner suffer, your brother suffer, your sister, cousin,

We can’t help everyone, we know this, we are not for everyone either. We have a very specific type of people who we can work with.

We have a very thorough application process that we go through to see if we are right for each other. 

We can’t help Victims, life is challenging for everyone. we all have moments of life feeling like its going against us. But we can not work people who think the world is against them or that it’s everyone else’s fault. 

We can’t help Agressors, again we all have moments, but if you want to rage out and blame the world or others for the problems we can’t help you. 



Rehabilitation is dead. It has done its time, sitting around smoking
cigarettes while everyone complains about their hard, depressing lives.
Addiction isn’t a problem, it’s a solution.
You haven’t failed, you’ve succeeded.
You’ve passed the test.
Society is broken, the system is broken, you’ve been let down.
You’ve had to initiate yourself, find your own rights of passage.
You’ve done it on your own with no guide.
Congratulations. You made it.
But now you need help.
Help, to return to yourself, help to clean up them mess, help to rebuild.
Stronger Body, Stronger Mind.
This isn’t rehab, this is the way. 
The way of wellness.
We’ll mentor you how to use the skills you’ve already developed as an addict.
The resilience, the consistency, the determination, the courage, the discipline.
Yes that’s right, you can’t be an addict without developing those skills.
Now let’s show you how to build it into something positive, something greater.
Let’s show the world what you’ve really got.


Where even is your mind?
There’s a saying in buddhism, “You’re mind stays where you put it”.
I wish, I hear you think. 
Did you leave it with your keys maybe? maybe with your marbles?
In Eastern Medicine your Mind isn’t separate from your Body. 
If you’ve lost your mind, you’ve lost function in your body.
In fact every organ has it’s own mind, not just the brain. 
Just like you argue you in your own head your organs argue against each other as well.
Fighting for dominance.
Just like your critical mind controls your inner child, destroying it’s joy, leaving you with depression.
Like the voice off doubt messes with the voice of certainty causing anxiety.
The Liver dominates the Stomach when the body is toxic. 
A weak digestive system leaves the mind to rot. 
Sound Mental Health, starts with sound Physical Health. 
End the war within.
Find Peace in the Body 
Find Peace in the Mind.  



Become an Entrepreneur they said. You’re so smart and creative. a born leader.
Now you’d like to tell “they” to go #*%@ themselves. (you said it not me)
Run your own business you said, you can’t work for anyone else. Wish I could just go pack shelves at Woolworths. 
The tooing and froing is real. Pulled one way, wanting to go another. 
Climbing mountains, tumbling down the other side.
One step forward, Ten steps backwards.
But you wouldn’t change any of it. Deep down you love it
Stress, is a hell of a drug. 
It makes you superhuman.
That’s how we slayed the dragons, the demons and the darkness of the past. 
The modern day stress is slightly different but the answers still the same. 
Resilience. or as we like to put I re silence.
Silence the Mind.
Silence the Emotions.
Silence the Body.
Listen to the Heart.
What direction are really looking for?
When you follow the Way of Wellness,
All roads lead to Peace. 



You didn’t sign up for this shit! 
This is not how the world is meant to be. 
You’re sick of it. 
Sick of the lack of character, sick of being lost, sick of not knowing. 
Sick of being sick. 
You want to make the world a better place, the place you know it can be.
But you can’t even get your own shit together. 
Every time  you try something goes wrong, it’s like the universe is conspiring against you.
We know you. We were you. 
The Way of Wellness is literally how we got here. 
Find your Way.
Find Purpose.
Find the True You.

Way of Wellness Mentorship

3, 6 & 12 Month Options available
$ 4450* per calendar month
  • 5 night reset - all inclusive full facilitated program with food & accom - per 3 month period
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Monthly 1:1 mentoring call
  • Monthly prescirbed herbs and supplements
  • Continued online support with access to stacks of great tools and practices at home + much more
  • Family integration pack
  • Acupuncture treatments (in clinic if local or other arrangements made for non-sunshine coast locals)



The Way of Wellness Mentorship application is a 3 part process to ensure that we are a perfect match for you and your needs, as well as our growing community. This thorough process helps ensure that your compatibility and commitment to the mentorship, and that you and the community will get the most out of your journey.


Stage 1 – Written Application 


This mentorship program is by application only as we only work with people who are ready and hungry for change.  Please take the time to complete this application to the best of your ability as it will impact whether you progress to the next stage.


To submit your application a payment of 88 aud required at time of application. 

When you book you will have picked an interview time. If your written application is not successful to move to the next stage you will receive a refund and feedback on why you were not successful at this time. 


If you are successful for the next stage and first interview your application fee will be donated to Mind Medicine Australia and you will be contacted to confirm your interview. 


All your information is strictly confidential and will not be used for any other purposes.


Stage 2 – Interview with Angela

This interview will be approximately 30 minutes long and will cover your written application and some extra questions.


Should you be successful in this stage you will proceed to a final interview with Shane, who is the head of the program.


Stage 3 – Interview with Shane


Your call with Shane will go through final compatibility and commitment to the mentorship to ensure you and the community will get the most out of your journey.


Successful applicants will know during their call with Shane and will be required to pay within 24 hours.



What is mental health & addiction?

HEART MIND MEDICINE – we look at purpose, goal setting, creativity, psychology of the body mind and more

FUEL MEDICINE – how to fuel your body, nutrients, supplements, herbal medicine, mental fuel and more

MOVEMENT MEDICINE – internal vs external exercise, breathing, meditation (mind movement) and more

COMMUNITY MEDICINE – the importance of help and treatments, setting boundaries, having a support team and how to utilise them. 

LIFESTYLE MEDICINE – how to live in harmony with nature, when to sleep, eat, exercise, rites of passage and how to being it all together. 


Liminal vs Liminoid Space

What is a flow state? How to access freely

Challenge vs. Skill

Trauma and Flow States

Theoretical and experiential workshops to experience flow states



How to integrate the foundations and 

Flow into every aspect of Life…




We have three options for payment. Option 1 pay in full which works out to be the best value. Option 2 pay in 2 payments and payment 3 pay as you month by month. 

We have worked in this area of work for many years and understand the unique journey and timing everyone has. As such the mentorship is by application only to ensure that it is the best suited program for where people are at.


If your application is not successful the first time around it may just be a case of timing and coming back when you are more ready.

We can help you determine which length of mentorship suits you best for where you are at in your journey and how long it would take to integrate the way of wellness into your daily life.

The retreats are held seasonally which works out to be roughly every 3 months or so. 

The dates of each one will be released as early as possible to allow for your own planning.

The seasonal retreats are held on the Sunshine Coast near Noosa.

You can still complete the mentorship even if you don’t live local to the Sunshine Coast. You will need to make arrangements to attend the seasonal retreats in person and from there we will adjust your ongoing mentorship to your local area as best we can.


We will discuss this at the time of your application.

If you are travelling interstate the best way is to fly into Maroochydore (MCY) airport and either hire a car or organise transport to the retreat space.


For locals you will be able to drive and park at the venue or be dropped off.

We are not a rehabilitation program. We do not help people detoxify. We recommend people who want to work with us come completely sober. We do have a a program that can help people remove substance from their life. We run it for a week prior to the seasonal reset. 

If you are in need of this program please put the details in your application.


Great, we love good questions. Please bring them to your interview or email us at [email protected]