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Herbal medicine has been around for millennia to treat different health conditions. It is considered to be the original form of medicine around the world. Medicine focuses on balancing temperature and flavour. The theory behind it revolves around healing and stabilising health with the right temperature and balance of the five flavours.


Sun Med offers Chinese herbal medicine to Noosa North Shore communities with a wide variety of herbs tailored to a person’s needs and conditions. Our herbal medicines include pills, powders, and raw materials to intensively accommodate your condition and preferences. All of our herbs are sustainably sourced and ethically purchased. Our Chinese herbal medicine can also be adjusted for gluten or vegan concerns.

Ancient practices use plant remedies to treat ailments of every kind. Believed to begin as far back as 60,000 years ago, this form of alternative medicine uses a variety of materials that go beyond just herbs. Different ancient civilisations at the time heavily relied on this form of treatment in order to survive. Until today, people continue to believe and depend on herbal medicine as a form of health care.


Chinese Herbal Medicine, in particular, has had a rich history in diagnosis and treatment. They saw the human body as one holistic being and treated illnesses by that same concept. Their system involved diagnosis and differentiating syndromes affecting the body.


Eastern and Western Herbal Medicine

There is a difference between Eastern and Western herbal medicine, specifically with Chinese and European medicine. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine uses herbal combinations designed to accommodate the individual as an entire being. It is an entirely holistic healing approach This involved a comprehensive understanding of the principles of Chinese medicine and physiology. Western herbal medicine is more focused on simpler processes or ingesting herbs as is in order to treat the symptoms of a specific illness.


Over the years, Chinese Herbal Medicine has developed into a more timely system of health care, adjusting to the continuous change in illnesses. By the 12th century, Chinese herbal medicine has standardised a method by fully applying the deeper principles of Chinese medicine. As more principles and disease concepts were considered, Chinese Herbal Medicine was further defined throughout the 14th to the 20th century.


What Are The Benefits of Chinese Medicine?

The essential principles of Chinese medicine are balance and energy. The flow of energy throughout the body is referred to as the qi or chi. It is considered to be the life energy that moves our body. The theory states that an ideal state of the body exists by having perfect balance in every part of us. External and internal factors sometimes upset the balance and this leads to sickness. By identifying what is out of balance in our body, Chinese Medicine practitioners aim to bring these factors back into harmony.


Take part of this natural method of holistic healing and bring your body to better wellness. We believe that the system of natural medicine can play a vital role in your life. Learn more about what we can do for you and our herbal medicine services in the Noosa Region. Book an appointment today.


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Acupuncture is an ancient therapy mainly from China however there is plenty of evidence for it’s use in other ancient civilisations around the world including South America and Africa.

Sun Med uses a gentle style of Acupuncture, elabaroted from the Japanese Techniques of meridian therapy. It is gentle, effective and painless. The needles used are as thin as hair, sterile and used only once.

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the original form of Medicine from around the World. Chinese Herbal Medicine is based on temperature and flavour. It is said that when the body is not too hot nor too cold and the five flavours are balanced then health will prevail. Herbal Medicine has been used for Millenia for the treatment of many health conditions. Sun Med uses a range of Herbal medicines including, Pills, Powders and Raw, depending on the persons needs. All herbs are sustainably grown and ethically purchased. Herbs can be tailored to vegan and gluten needs.

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Qi Gong

Prounounced Chee Gong, is a form of exercise used to Nourish Life. It involves slow deliberate movements with breathing and visualisation. At Sun Med we use a specific type of Qi Gong that is medically based. It can be used for the treatment and prevention of dis-ease. We run frequent classes and workshops in Qi Gong as well as bring in specialised teachers from around the world.

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Sun Med uses a combination of Western and Eastern Massage techniques. Using Remedial, Deep Tissue techniques with the flow and diagnosis of Japanese and Chinese techniques, allows for deeper relaxation and longer lasting results when it comes to your musculoskeletal issues.

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Cupping has been used for thousands of years across the planet. It’s been recorded for use with colds and flus throughtout europe and the middle east, as well through all of Asia. Sun Med uses a style of cupping that may help with musculoskeletal pain, colds and flus as well headaches and other painful conditions.

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Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi)

Sun Med is affiliated with Sunshine Coast Chen Style Tai Ji School. Chen Style is the original form of Tai Ji from Henan Province China. Currently classes are held every Monday night in Nambour.
Stay tuned for classes in Noosa.

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To educate the community with the tools to empower individuals to take control of their own health, to raise their own awareness to be able to make the choices for their own wellbeing. By connecting a community of like minded educated individuals we are able to safe guard and future proof not only individuals, but our families, communities, country and planets state of wellbeing in Body, Mind & Qi.


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Heart & Mind Health

Mind health: Mood disorders, addiction, emotional regulation, anxiety issues, stress.
Heart health: Palpitations, blood pressure regulation, circulation issues.

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Digestive & Musculature Health

Digestive health: Bloating, abdominal pain, ibs, constipation, diarrhoea, appetite
issues, weight loss.
Musculature health: General aches & pains, joint pain, back pain, headaches, migraines,

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Sexual & Longevity Health

Sexual health: Pregnancy, fertility, menstrual issues, urogenital problems.
Longevity: Genetic issues, bone problems, aging.

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Respiratory & Immune Health

Respiratory health: Coughs, colds, flu, breathing problems, sinus issues.
Immune health: Viral conditions, parasites, bacteria infections, auto immune, chronic problems.

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Energy & Sleep Health

Energy health: Low energy, chronic fatigue, agitation, attention issues.
Sleep health: Insomnia, night terrors, snoring, jet-lag, restlessness, night sweats.

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